Well, still haven't gotten over the hangover of that wonderful vacation I had, so this post is about some of the realisations that dawned on me during the trip. You know, I was always a believer of this concept that taking a vacation and travelling gives you deep insights into your soul. Well, nothing of the sort happened to me, however funnily enough I did realise certain things.

The trip was totally unplanned and we were about 30 minutes from Coorg and still didn't have a place to stay for the night. I browsed through the Outlook Weekend Getaways, and thought homestay would be a cool option as I can be intimate with nature and have first hand experience of the land and so on. So, we zeroed in on a place which seemed promising and landed there at the dead of the night (Well it was just past 8.30, but still it was pitch dark).

We were greeted by a lady who turned out to be a painter (I was meeting a live one for the first time in my life !!) and she showed us around a house which had just four walls - no beds, no fans and sadly enough no food as we had arrived there without warning. Well, she did give us a long speech about how it's a very romantic and 'coorgish' idea to stay there and she even suggested sitting outside on a bench and star gazing (ofcourse, she was kind enough to offer mosquito mats). She also said that we were not to throw any garbage anywhere and that all bio-degradable wastes had to go to one place (she had some kind of a compost plant) and non-bio-degradable stuff to another place.

And that's when realisation dawned on me !!! I didn't want to stay there. Afterall, disposing of garbage was what I kept doing in my day to day life and star gazing was all I could do on weekdays (as I hardly ever reach home from work before sun down) and so neither interested me. I realised that afterall, I wanted to be pampered in 5 star comfort while on vacation - You know, a place where someone would dispose off the garbage for me, for a change...and where I can eat great food cooked by someone else ...and where I can sleep peacefully without mosquitoes...And so we took a good look at her vintage car which had a fancy number tag of 'BMW' , politely said bye to her and went ahead and stayed at Hotel Coorg International....So what if according to her the hotel had nothing 'coorg' about it...I got what I wanted and I enjoyed !!!


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