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Life's Like That

The festive season being round the corner, lady and hubby gets invited for an Xmas party. It was a last minute invite with additional complications - it was a theme party (red and white) and they were supposed to take two gifts each for less than Rs.100.
In between a mad rush to get a red and white outfit for hubby, both are discussing what would be an ideal gift...Lady, being the eternal dreamer suggested candle sticks. pen holders, cute teddies and curios.
Hubby kept saying no to each idea while urging the lady to think practically and come up with a 'useful' gift idea. Lady was getting irritated by hubby's practical nature, till she had the last laugh by suggesting the most practical gift that she could think of for Rs. 100.
With a bright smile she told hubby, "Now, you can't say no to this one...Every household would need this...I've come up with this one after applying rational thought ..." And when hubby gave his nod of approval, lady presented her gra…

Random Doubts

Some questions that have crossed my mind last week, in no particular order of significance:
1. If we could actually hear God talking to us, how would that be?
2. When you say something and your friend responds in the line of - "but that's not the topic of discussion", is your friend being rude or are you being hyper-sensitive ?
3. Is physical stamina the most underrated ingredient in happy parenting?
4. What are the small things that make a big difference to your loved ones?
5. Much as I like to think of myself as a broad minded individual, what are some of the prejudices that i still have?
6. Is it ok to mix spirituality with charity? Most charities that I wish to support have a clear religious leaning and I am having a problem with that. I am not sure why.
7. Does it require more strength to be an atheist or a believer? The doubting middle path of course, is the easiest :)
As the festive season rolls in, maybe, I will spend more time in introspection and turn some of the answe…


These days I often wonder as to when is the right time to start teaching my son some "good manners". Then again, with globalisation and all that jazz, what manners do you essentially teach? Or are manners more fundamental than etiquettes? As in, maybe the underlying ideas of compassion,love,kindness,honesty etc remain the same , but their manifestations differ from place to place. So maybe what I need to teach is not actually manners, but a sensitivity and appreciation of these ideas, so that he is flexible enough to model his behaviour to reflect these feelings to the recipient. Afterall, I strongly believe that in most situations in life, you need to be honest only to yourselves. For all the rest, its perceptions that matter, not truth !


I have never lived in a colony, but have very fond memories of life in a colony. Every vacation, we used to visit cousins who lived in a colony. My fondness was due to several reasons:
- The houses looked similar, (but were not carbon copies like some villa projects these days) - The roads were semi-private - i.e mostly were used only by residents who were careful about children who cycle around and play street football or cricket - It was self-sufficient - there was a post-office, playground,grocery shop and vegetable shop right inside the colony and a bus-stop and auto-stand right outside - There were a lot of children who were our age-group , which meant vacations were great fun - You could easily get lost in the cob-web of roads inside the colony , but never truly be lost 'cos whichever way you walked you had to sooner or later reach home... (well,hubby dear would have a different story to tell, about how I made him go round and round in circles inside that colony in the dead …

On Hope

When tears cloud my judgement
Your face seems like a monster's
I can never match up to your devious plans
But still I struggle
Just to stay afloat
Like a vulture you wait
To hear that last breath

I look at the blue sky
But, your shadow clouds my vision
You scream away my joys
You shout out my fun
You've pinned me down
And skinned my feathers
I am your prey, I fully understand
But I've promised myself "never again"
And the last laugh shall surely be mine...

New feathers shall sprout
And you shall tire waiting
I'll fly away when I'm ready
Never to be back
Never to be attacked