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Update !

Haven't blogged in a while now, except to use this platform as my crib space...And I have been missing this space as a platform to express my intelligent (:P) views on life as I see it...I have been busy otherwise, though...Hubby dear has passed his exams, baby is a year old (no longer a baby), and I am at that stage in my career when I want a change... Thankfully, my firm is going in for a restructuring exercise and hopefully I'll be doing something different soon and that will satisfy my urge for variety :) ..I wonder why some of us are always looking for variety and change while others dread them and are quite happy with the status quo...
One of my biggest disappointments when i had my baby was that I'd be tied down for quite some time in one place...Ok, literally you could travel with a baby,and there are many who do it, but personally I wanted to be sure that my son has inherited our 'travel freak gene' before we subjected him to it...Parenting is the most chall…

Stuck !

When you are stuck between the devil and the deep sea and you don't know swimming, the choice is obvious right ? You atleast have a fighting chance with the devil :P