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C for Car

Well, the last post was started on a happy note, but I ended up feeling lousy after writing it. So, here is a happy one. At the beginning of the year, I had promised myself that I will learn to drive, and start driving. Actually the 'learn to drive' was completed  when I was 18. I enrolled in a driving school and got my license. But, I never actually drove a car for various reasons. This time around, I am learning in my own car. The absence of a second set of controls (as is common in modified vehicles used by driving schools) means that I am able to get more confident about my own abilities. I am still quite some distance away from driving daily. But this time around, I will reach there for sure...Or at least die trying ! (:P)

I thought that once I start driving, I may find music a distraction. But, I realised that I actually enjoy the music.

I have grown more fond of the car too...I haven't bought a new car (I toyed with the idea of a gearless vehicle for some time and…

B for Brain

The human brain has never ceased to amaze me. I often spend a lot of time thinking about how powerful it is, and also how vulnerable. I have had health scares around my brain and I have seen people suffer memory loss - one of the worst ways to die.
I love to do work that involves thinking and coming up with new ideas. That is the primary reason I enjoy my current job !
The brain helps you in time travel - till such time science makes physical time travel a reality. One may call it day dreaming. But, living in the present is not always a feasible idea. If the present is hopeless, then one needs to escape to the past to garner confidence and imagine the future to garner the strength to push through the mundane today. The present is not always a 'present'.
I am also super proud of my brain and I always wanted to take the Mensa test. Much has been said about why it may not accurately measure brain power, but it was in my bucket list for the past 20 years. I finally managed to gi…

A to Z : And we Start with Apple

I want to see if I can do this - the A to Z blogging challenge where I write 26 posts one each on topics  starting with the letters in the English alphabet. We start with A for Apple.

Apple and me go a long way back...My first memories of an apple are my mom forcing me to have them and me hating them...I am not a fruit person and the only 2 fruits I like are mangoes and bananas. Citrus fruits are a complete no-no and apple was a tasteless fruit as far as my experience was. I hated the skin of the apple the most and finally I reached a compromise with my mom that I will eat it if she skinned it for me. Today, when I look back, I feel the love behind the action, but those days - well, lets jus say I was one rebellious child. (no, not proud of it)

As I grew up and had more freedom to choose, I used to always refrain from having apples - I even used to ask for fruit salads in restaurants with 'no apples and pineapples please'...This led to a lot of ribbing from friends who used t…

The Speech That Never Was..

I had written earlier on how much I am dreading a family get together that is being planned and for which my attendance is almost mandatory - no, make that mandatory with a big M ! I was seriously toying with the idea of giving a speech in said get together - however, considering the highly disastrous potential outcomes, I decided to refrain from said act of blasphemy. The urge to write is like the urge to give birth - I mean the physical urge when you are in labour - no one can stop it...and so here it is, without any further ado...the speech, that never was !!! "Hello everyone. I am sure everyone who has gathered here will name this occasion as a family get together. I have been spending a large amount of time wondering what is the purpose of this. Yea, I am totally Vela, you see. Or maybe you don't see. I am sure several members gathered here won't even know the names of my kids. How many know how many siblings I have? My mom's name? Dad? Not many ! Well, I don…

The Final Plea

Earth mother, open your arms and welcome me home
What they call home, there I don’t belong
No freedom, no air, no peace and calm
The scorching sun burns my dreams
Giving life to those around!
Amma, take me home….
Let me be at peace – let me rest in your lap
Thorny roses, hot candles, empty tears…
But I’ll happily snuggle under your brown blanket
Hidden from the hypocrisy once and for all!

The River

The sun and the snow - both make me
One without the other and I am no longer me
Clouds and rainbows and thunderous rains -
All part of me, but not me !

My gregarious self is all you know
But I am much beyond

You dig out my soul
You dam my flow
You poison me and yet you pray -
For forgiveness from your sins !

I am no Goddess - the throne hurts.
Just let me be !

When at last I reach my lover's arms
Even I am tired and I slow down.

Dumping my debris on the sides
I crawl ever so slowly into him,
As pure as I was born
In the lap of my mountain father !

Passion, Movies and Some More...

The last weekend my folks went off to our native place - to meet relatives, attend a marriage et. al. The initial plan was for my elder one to tag along, but finally they ended up going by themselves. After much persuasion (gentle and not so gentle) from my side and deliberation from his side, hubby took the day off on Saturday and we somehow scraped through the weekend. We ended up watching 3 movies - Burnt, Amar Akbar Anthony and Madhura Naranga.
Movies have been a craze for hubby and self - in a town where there is hardly anything else one can do by way of entertainment! However, after seeing Burnt, I felt a deep and sad longing - I was once as passionate as the hero of the movie and I missed being able to pursue anything passionately anymore.
I wanted to preserve that thought and make something out of it in my own life and decided that I didn't want to watch any more late nite movies. Well, my will power and resolve are short lived in front of hubby's puppy face. When he…