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Food for Thought

In life, if you manage to do what you want, without giving a damn about other people, is it a sign of supreme self-confidence ("I am confident about my beliefs and actions, hence i'm not bothered about others")or is it a sign of absolute self-centeredness?("I'll do what I want, even if I have to hurt you in the process")

P.S Thought occured when a colleague remarked over dinner that if she could do whatever she wanted without thinking of others around her, she would consider it her greatest success, especially since she is a woman. And rebellious me just couldn't agree :P

Vouching for the Underdog.. comes naturally to me. The underdog need not necessarily represent principles I stand for in life...If I see, someone being hammered down by a vociferous group, I would somehow manage to identify an argument in his/her favour although I might be in total disagreement with the idea...I always knew I was like this ever since childhood, when I would support a classmate being scolded by the teacher and derided by the rest of the class or when I would support a teacher whom the rest of the class hates...I have managed to carry forward that trait all through to my adulthood ...But I never realised how strongly I support the underdog until recently when I started blog-hopping regularly...I often have this tremendous urge to leave a comment opposing whatever idea is being talked about..especially if the comments section is full of "yea i agree with you"...And b'cos I don't want to be teared apart for being the lone voice I usually return without commenting...unless its…

Serene Aquasserenne... a beautiful resort about 80 kms from my home town. Went there early morning on Day 1 and returned early morning on Day 2. There was nothing to do there and that's what made it just soak urselves in nature and relax... The food was on the house but was nothing major disappointment was the absence of fish fry...I couldn't fathom how despite being in the middle of a backwater there were no fish specialities on offer :(.... But the shutterbug in me was thrilled thanks to the perfect combo of nature's and man's brilliance (the former manifested itself in the form of a kind sun and the latter in the form of a Canon E20D digital SLR camera) And the best part of it was to get my hubby all to myself for a full 24 hours without the familiar and unavoidable demands on his time ranging from the mundane (like holding the dogs when a visitor drops by) to the exciting (like answering urgent patient calls).