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Pregnancy and Feminism - How Heavy or How Lite?

A few days back, I shared this link on FB. It is an extract from a much larger piece on Feminism (which has now been converted into a book) and it talks about why it is necessary to reject the idea of feminism lite.

Being the wife of a natural feminist (yes, men can be feminists too !) I face this a lot. Many people, well-wishers and otherwise, often tell me that I am lucky to have him as a hubby. Let's park the lucky or otherwise bit for a moment, and look at what makes them say this. Lucky you - he is an involved parent. Lucky you - he lets you follow your dreams. Lucky you - he makes coffee for you. Lucky you - well, you get the drift....This does not need any explanation - a healthy union of 2 individuals need not be mired in gender stereotypes at all.

The flip side of this is that it is far tougher for a guy to be a feminist in a misogynist society such as the one I live in. He is constantly bombarded with friendly and not so friendly jabs about how his friends have it far e…

On Faith, Disability, Social Media and More..

I have been reading some very interesting stuff lately: Farnam Street, Melting Asphalt, Paul Graham's Essays, and Base Hit Investing have been some of my favorites*. I have been able to identify with all of these writings quite easily. Identify , not agree. I could get where they were coming from. I shared some of these on social media...and as is the nature of the social media beast, there was hardly any intellectual curiosity induced responses...Not surprisingly, many reached out to ask "what happened?" and "why the rant?" ...It took quite some time to explain that I was sharing something I found interesting and it had nothing to do with any specific instance. Just being alive for nearly 4 decades, gives you enough experiences to identify with certain thought processes...Which led me to think on behaviour triggers and mind bending thoughts and voyeuristic curiosity.  
I love going to hubby's hospital in the afternoons. That is when babies are born mostly…