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O for One..

'We pave the path towards justice, one small brick at a time', said Tim Cook while revealing his sexual orientation to the world. Much as it should not concern anyone else, unfortunately mundane things such as your personal preferences of partner, solace (religion) etc occupies the mind space of corner offices and related stakeholders far more than they should ! I can only vaguely imagine, how Tim must have felt doing this. I salute his courage to stand by his convictions - even when the stakes are high !

Every journey starts one step at a time - we often forget the power of that single step ! So, as the Nike ad goes 'Just Do It'. Experience anything that is fun at least once. (only exception being addictive substances - 'cos you can't stop with just one.) After all, O also stands for Open - over the years, I have realized the advantages of keeping an open mind !

P.S. Dear reader,(you know who you are) the answer is ...even sweet revenge happens one small ston…

N for Night

The night sky is one of the most beautiful sights that nature prepares for us every night ! I remember several years back there was a shower of shooting stars and we hauled our beds to the terrace to watch that beautiful sight - a treasured memory.

The waxing and waning of the moon is like poetry - one can just smile at the very thought.

Recently, I spend a good part of the night near the beach with a dear friend, reminiscing about old times - it was fun.

These days, night is the time that things quieten down at home and you feel content that you waded through one more day without getting bruised - at least nothing that sleep cannot cure.  A sense of calm descends, you express your gratitude to God and then let sweet sleep wash over you like a blanket.

My deepest desire is to spend an entire night lying down in a quiet beach all alone staring at the sky and then slowly dozing off listening to the waves ...I end with a quote I read here. "You will want some things that you will…

Taking a Break..

...from the alphabet series, primarily 'cos I have something far more important to write about, and also because I can't get a word for N.
Recently, there was a news article about a new bill proposing that husbands pay wives for household chores. This got shared in my school WhatsApp group (only girls) by someone who said 'finally, we would get paid for all the back breaking work!' . This was accepted with much cheer from SAHMs and also by some working women who said that it is good for women in lower economic strata.
I, for one, found the law totally sexist, and also flawed. Any law, should be implementable. How is the beurocracy going to roll this out, and how is judiciary going to ensure adherence? In a country where majority of the working class earn their salaries in cash, implementing this is not going to be easy.
But, even if it was, I would really oppose it - it presumes that household chores are the duty of a woman. I can never see it as a step towards '…