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The Sunshine Month

I have always considered April to be my favorite month of the year - Vishu, my birthday and happy childhood memories ...

As I have been trying to untangle the various independent and interlinked (yes, independent for a rational brain, heavily interlinked for a sensitive soul like me) issues in my professional and personal life, without much success, I still tried to make the best of April.

And thus I planned a long pending trip to Guruvayoor, my native place for my cousin's wedding and then to Lulu mall. (to compensate for a missed school picnic).

Guruvayoor has many strong positive childhood emotions associated with it, and as I prostrated before the lord, I cried copious amounts of tears for all my past mistakes and errors of judgment and asked for forgiveness. This is usually not how I pray and it left me surprised - it was as if I was talking to my childhood friend - someone who would just listen without judgement. I felt a strong sense of inner calm and strangely didn't …