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What Will I Do?

Well, after my previous introspective blog that I wrote in a haste, I really thought about life in general. And while I am a huge fan of resolutions and goal setting, I sometimes don't get what I want at the end of the year, mostly because priorities and life situations change very quickly and a year is a fairly long time. So, this time around I have decided to take baby steps - I am going to have one self improvement goal for every two weeks. And if I am able to stick with it, then I will add one more at the end of two weeks. That way, at the end of the year I will be a better person in 25 different ways. And if death comes calling unexpectedly, I can at least die with the satisfaction that I was a better person today than yesterday! Since I always love a challenge, I am going to try something that is extremely difficult - to be patient with my son! Yea, it may sound silly and simple to the rest of you out there, but every day at some moment or the other my son really exasperates…

The Last Day Of Your Life

Often when death stares you in your face through someone else's dead eyes, you tend to question the futility of it all. Your dreams, hopes,plans - all of that can be swept away by death in one swift wave. And that's when most people advise that you should live each day as if it is your last. But I do not quite agree. I mean, it is all nice and fair to say that you must always love and forgive and be nice, but there are times when you hold back your responses just because you know that you are going to continue with the other person for a much longer time. Often forgiving someone does not happen because of any magnanimous emotional enlightenment, rather it is a simple process of "it is too difficult now to fight with this person". But if I knew that it was going to be my last day, I would happily go scream my lungs out at certain people who have irked me. I would also spend a lot of money (my credit cards have very high limits!) and roam around the world as if no tomo…

Moving My Cheese

After much debate between the mother and the professional in me, I have finally decided to move to a different city in search of a better job (hopefully). I had never understood why everyone seemed too keen on becoming an adult, as it seemed as if adulthood was mundane and boring with a whole host of responsibilities. But recently I have begun to feel differently. I can now actually answer the question "Where do you see yourselves 5 years down the line?" in a very clear manner. I know that life can throw curve balls at me, but at least for now the vision is clear. And the answer is not some crappish MBA gyan that you give your recruiter!
My only apprehension is about my son. I hope he would learn to adapt himself to the changes in life and not get unduly hurt in the process. His primary caregiver (no, not me) is going off to the US and I am not sure how he will handle it.
On other news, after scaring my pants off, my son has finally gained the confidence to take baby steps a…