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The Year That Will Be...

Almost 10% of the not-so-new year is already gone past, and I was still struggling with this post ! Honestly, for the first time, I have no idea what I want from this year. I do not know if I'd have the courage to handle the sea changes that are staring at me from every facet of life ! Ideally, I should be able to embrace change - all it requires is a change in perspective. I have realized in the last year how deeply ingrained certain beliefs are. I always believed that one should strive hard to give his/her best in any given circumstance. By extension, taking a break - even a small one was an excuse to indulge in laziness. (wrong belief, I know - can't seem to get over it !) This thought can however be quite counter-productive at times. I was dragging myself to work even in the middle of serious illness and I really don't have anything much to show for it - today, as I look back, I don't know why I did it ! I would never know whether taking a more prolonged break wo…

Cocktail Time Again

The result of the first cocktail has been a heady mix of unconditional love, compassion, random acts of affection, and humurous dialogues along with bull-headedness, a penchant for perfection and steely determinism.

Unlike what was originally thought, lady has contributed quite a bit. As hubby says 'He looks like me, but the internal wiring is all yours !"

We, as mixers have done it again ! Results of cocktail round 2 eagerly awaited !

Australia – A-Z

Visiting Australia had been a long cherished dream, which finally came true this December. Here’s a list of thoughts and experiences around the vacation. Australia: It is vast, and we only covered a tip of it – Sydney, Melbourne and Kangaroo Island. Beaches: The beaches were beautiful and clean, and the water was icy cold (thanks to the close proximity of the Antartic), but somehow I always liked the beaches in Kerala the best. The wild passion of the sea in Kerala cannot be matched by the pristine calm of the international beaches. My son loved the beaches ! Bondi beach is just like Juhu beach with additional amenities – crowded with families. Christmas Day – Australia is literally shut down on Christmas Day, so we spent the day in Kangaroo Islands. We had hired a self-drive car and we drove down to a national park – and saw sea lions basking in the sun. We also saw some amazing rock formations and clicked a whole lot of pictures. We had our kind of fun. Eggs on Bread – That was the on…