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M for Money

They say you need to love money for money to stay with you. Among pseudo-intellectuals, the saying 'money can't buy everything' is popular. I am more fond of the statement 'there is no such thing as a free lunch' and believe in the power of money. As for things which money can't buy, well a lack of money doesn't ensure you have those things either !
Money makes people do strange things - I have seen greed make monsters out of otherwise perfectly normal people. On the other end of the spectrum, you also have people who don't even have enough money for survival - they also go to any length to get money.  I guess, just like everything else in life balance is the key here. 
But, money is a crazy addiction and people often forget that it is just a means to an end and not the end in itself. Which makes me wonder whether the barter system of yester-years is a better option. The non-perishable nature of money is also a problem - you tend to hoard it. The incen…

L for..

what else, but love ! With so many definitions, poems, stories et al, what more could I possibly write about the sweetest, nastiest emotion!

Well, for starters, love is as unique as a fingerprint - everyone loves differently...In fact, love is a combination of what transpires between 2 objects - which means the sheer permutations of it is unimaginably huge ! I may love different people differently - add the dimension of time to it and you realize how varied this complex emotion can be !

Anu (regular readers know her by now, and I am too lazy to link up) asked me in my previous post as to why I like to make someone's day so much - people are responsible for making their own day ! Well, the short answer is 'love'. The long answer is - well, that is also 'love' - or maybe the need to be loved - or both. I feel happy seeing a smile on another person's face - I can't see my own smile unless I pose vainly in front of a mirror - so it is easier to focus on other …

K for... sweetheart. His name starts with K. As on date, I have known him for more time than I have not known him - knowing and evolving with a person over half a lifetime is no easy feat! I have had my share of ups and downs with him - but like I have told several people, and I think even in this blog earlier, he is kind of a part of me. You don't consider changing your hands or legs or brain or heart unless they are irreparably damaged. Even when one part of your body causes intense agony to the rest of it, you focus all your attention on it and try and heal it! And that's the crux of our relationship - I don't consider life without him a possibility. It's just easier that way !

J for Joy

I used to have a friend in primary school named Joy - I used to think he was always happy and hence had the name Joy :). I got back in touch with him after nearly 27 years and needless to say, he didn't even remember me or anyone else who remembered him ! Still, I was happy to have found him - not because I suddenly got a new friend or anything, but more from a quite confidence that hope still exists in this world and that people may just come back into your life when you least expect it !

Conversing with him also made me realise that as time passes, friendships, in fact all relationships, should evolve. Very often, unless you have certain things in common, conversations can become strained - there are exceptions, of course.

Often when friends go through extremely tough times, I wonder if I am stepping on their toes. I then end up remembering them far more frequently in my prayers - I know instinctively that my friends are feeling better when they stop appearing in my prayers - …

I for..

I. Yes, this is gonna be the year that will be post, albeit a week late. This year, the theme is going to be I, me, myself. I want to focus on me as an individual. I will spend time on improving myself as a human being - spiritually, professionally and economically. It also means that i will try to improve my performance in various roles - that of wife, mother, daughter, friend etc. But, I shall ensure that the focus is on me and I will write the definition of what success means, and which roles matter. 
Over the course of a lifetime, several roles get thrust on you. Being a woman and that too in a conservative small town, means that you are guilt tripped into donning all those thorn-crowns. This year, shall be about celebrating the things I value most. In an earlier post, I wrote about how some of the realities in my life have been far better than what I could even dream of. This year will be about enjoying those realities. No more postponing anything to a later date. I shall also b…

H for Holidays

..specifically the one which I recently took. I went off on a vacation with my son to Singapore. It is unheard off in my part of the world to be travelling without your hubby, especially if it is not on official duty ! Having a small child who also got left behind, meant that the gossip mongers in town had a field day...Doubts were cast on the stability of our marriage and were put to rest only when people were reassured that it was hubby who helped me book hotels and plan the itinerary. I was irritated by members of family who were taken aback by the idea - they have never even casually asked why I wasn't accompanying my hubby on the numerous vacations that he took post marriage, without me in tow !

Anyway, my son and myself had an amazing time - we enjoyed thoroughly, and I realized that I wouldn't have had the courage to take such a vacation in India, thus reinforcing my belief that I want to live abroad - someday ! The sheer freedom and variety of choice in other countrie…