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This Time Around...

"So, what's different this time around?" is a question I get asked often...Well, plenty ! For starters, I know that parenting, especially in the first year is not gonna be a rosy affair ! As one of my team members very encouragingly quipped, "When you have your first child, you become a mother. When you have your second child, you become a referee !"

Last time around I was far more healthy - however, by sheer will-power, I decided that this time too I shall work as much as possible and I am happy I managed to do it !

This time around expectations from others are far more tempered down...Yes, I am still upset that I don't get any kind of help from certain quarters, but I have learned to live with it.

The biggest change is that the last time around, I was hardly anticipating the baby to come - I had a good one more month to go officially...In fact, I had come home all set to celebrate Onam and then get back to work ! It all happened all of a sudden - one m…

Handling Advice

As I am getting ready to welcome a new member into my life, I realized that I was quite perturbed by a lot of things that didn't go particularly well the first year when I became a mom ...In fact, it was quite a challenging time for both me and hubby that it put us off from even thinking about another kid for a loong loong time...The wounds of that first year are still very raw, and I am determined not to let them reopen this time around....One of the major things I didn't know then was that there will be a bunch of solicited and unsolicited advice that comes your way...I was clueless on how to handle this and that led to a lot of heart burn...This time around I spend considerable time and energy trying to figure out a framework that will help me deal with the barrage of advice that I get across all streams of life - be it parenting, finance, relationships, education, the city I should live in, the job I should take...well, you get the drift ! This is what I finally came up w…

The Smells That I Love..

1. Petrol - I lovvvve its smell - everytime we go into a petrol pump, I roll down the windows and enjoy the smell...Has been a habit from childhood..I have read later that it is harmful to health and that breathing petrol fumes is actually addictive - well, well !

2. Shoe Polish - The only reason I enjoy going to a shoe shop ! I have got ugly big fat feet and shopping for footwear is always a nightmare - the smell of shoe polish in the showroom is the only saving grace. My son's shoes are not made of leather though, and those shoes use some kind of a liquid polish, which doesn't smell great.

3. Detergent - I like the smell of freshly washed clothes - I also smell the detergent everytime I load the washing machine - it smells great ! BTW, how many of you have tasted soap?

4. New Books - The first thing I do when I get a new book is to smell it...In school, my drawing book had the best smell, and on the day when new books are distributed, I used to spend the entire day smelling…