Coffee Vs Tea

Had been on vacation for the past 10 days.So my next few posts are gonna be on that amazing vacation I had. Been to Coorg.It was a much dreamt about vacation. But when reality struck it was slightly different...I had expected a scenic and cold hill station like Munnar In my mind I had jus replaced tea plantations with coffee. (Though the fact of the matter is I have never seen a coffee plant before in my life, I somehow had managed to paint a coffee plant in my imagination like a tea plant with some coffee beans hanging ....)But as I reached there, I realised that tea is different from coffee as much as chalk is from cheese (cliche, I know).
For starters, Coorg was hot and humid (well, not as much as coastal Trivandrum or Cochin, but you see I am comparing it with Munnar!!). And then the coffee plantations were a far cry from tea plantations. Coffee grows in a jungle, in between so many other stuff and apparently at this time of the year coffee just about starts flowering, so the plants had white flowers in them. And strangely enough, they had the smell of jasmine(Or was my mind playing tricks on me again? After all, the only white flower I had known till I met coffee flowers were jasmines)
Thus I realised that coffee is different from tea, not just in taste !!!!


Good learning..happy travelling[:)]
Anonymous said…
The white flower on the coffee tree smells like Gardenia as the coffee trees are part of the Gardenia family. Your trip sounded cool. Check out
Tinkerbells said…
@Nikhil: Thanks
@Anonymous: Thnks for the info. But I didn't understand the significance of the site...

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