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Burning The Bridges

"Don't burn your bridges behind you" ...that's the advice from seers of the corporate world.

My tongue-in-cheek retort: "What if I always walk on level ground?Maybe since the world is round, I might end up in the same place again. But the landscape would have changed, making it as exciting as a brand new place, right? :P"

The Power of Thoughts

So many people have written about it, but still very few of us put it to practice. And even fewer of us put it to practice consistently. I am referring to "If you really really want something then you will definitely get it". And I know its true. Everytime I have really really wanted something, I have always got it. Starting from small things like 'movie tickets for first day first show of a blockbuster' to big ones like my soulmate. But the point is I am not able to do it consistently. More often than not, I get bogged down by negative thoughts. And even a small negative thought can contribute significantly against realising your dreams. Still even after knowing all this, at times I let myself be dragged into abysmal amounts of self pity. That set me thinking... Mostly, these negative thoughts come from prior negative experiences. And analysing backwards, these negative experiences happened 'cos of negative thoughts. Going backwards still further, I've realis…

Success in the Corporate World..

...has increasingly come to mean how successfully you manage to get hold of all the information from your colleagues while revealing as little as possible.

And I met them again...

.....on the blogger highway. Yea, I am talking about all those people who have entered my life at various points and then left leaving behind an indelible footprint. I found them again in cyberspace primarily through blogs and through orkut , both of which have fairly replaced IMs like yahoo and msn. Especially since most office networks have blocked IMs and most of the people I am referring to spend all their waking hours (and some sleeping hrs too) in office, I now look for long lost fellow hitchhikers (for want of a better term, since all of them are not friends) primarily in blog sites and orkut. The major advantage of blogs is that you can get to know what is happening in the other person's life without re-entering their lives...I mean, you can quickly stop by, read what's happening and move on, without so much as even leaving a comment...And as a friend mentioned here, you can do the same with orkut too, if you want to.

PS: This post was inspired by the blogs of people wh…

Weekend Blues

I thought about writing "Corporate Weirdos - Part 3 " and even saved the title in draft mode about 2 days back. The plan was to write about a highly evolved & mutated version of of the more commonly found 'Work Shirker'. I had got flash sightings of this species in the corporate jungle that I am part of, about 2 days back when I saved the title in the draft mode. However, I forgot to map the key characteristics in my mind's camera and now it's gone. And the more generic species has enough written about it, so I don't want to add my two pence. Whenever the next sighting of this species occurs, I shall update you about the same.

But today, I am gonna write about "Weekend Blues" .Yea, you read that right...Not "Monday Morning Blues", but on the contrary "Weekend Blues".
Definition of "Weekend Blues" from Tinker Bells Dictionary of Terms "You have been working for 12-16 hours from Monday to Friday and your univer…