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Women's Day

Before we get on to that...I wonder where did February disappear? I know short month and all that...but it has just whizzed past...I got diamond earrings for Valentine's Day !!! That's the only memory of February that I have now...everything else seems a blur... For the first time in my life, I am wondering what it has been to be a woman? Have I had any privileges because I was a woman? Were there discriminations? And most importantly, have I enjoyed being a woman for 34 odd years in this planet? I am lucky enough to have parents who were proud to have 2 daughters. I realized how privileged I was when recently in an official training multiple senior people started their comments with "Fortunately, I don't have daughters..", "Fortunately, I don't have daughters or sisters..." and so on..I was brizzling, but didn't know how to react. (I always thought discrimination based on gender, atleast when it comes to your own kids was non-existent in an ed…