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Misogyny, Marriages and More...

My dear friend Anu, has been writing quite a bit about these topics and although I am usually lazy to link up, here is a link that I would recommend. Being a feminist is not an easy tag to wear and mostly it is used to denote (wrongly) a woman who does not believe in the traditional institutes of marriage, is too inflexible in her views and is someone who hates men. This is highly unfortunate...'cos feminism is just about doing the right thing. Yes, generations of doing the wrong thing means that sometimes you have to stand in the roof top and scream. Pulling out a weed is far easier than uprooting a giant tree with deep roots - obviously, it is a slow and ardous process. But it has to be done - for the human race to survive !  So, let me talk at some length on some common misconceptions about feminism.

Myth 1: Feminism and Marriage Can't Go Hand in Hand: Your views on how women should be treated (whether you are a man or a woman) is just one factor that determines the succes…

10 Yrs

...of being married ! My rational brain is quite surprised that I managed to survive this long in a relationship :) My emotional brain of course fiercely counters - "I am still madly in love with him !". However, if there is one thing I have realized over the past 10 years, it is this - the success of a marriage has no correlation whatsoever to the amount of love you have for each other ! Better predictors include the nature of your profession, the relationship you share with your in-laws, and your ability to tolerate nonsense of various kinds. 
 We did celebrate this achievement by sneaking away for a weekend to Maldives - surprisingly, hubby missed the kids far more than I did ! It was a lovely resort and a much needed break.

We've had our ups and downs and it's been a roller coaster ride...the memories and experiences though have been priceless !