Racing Away in the Fastest Vehicle

Just back from an exhillarating trip...Met my room mate from B-school days...I couldn't attend her wedding and was feeling really bad about it. (But then again, who asked her to go get married in scenic but remote Kashmir of all places ? )Spoke at length. Exchanged notes. Felt great!!

Also met a lot of friends from school days. Who considered me their best friend. Among whom, the one I particularly enjoyed meeting was this classmate who had started crying when our teacher decided to change our places and put me in a seat far away from her. (happened yrs ago, but I still remember it 'cos till the moment she started crying, I had never realised she considered me worth crying for !!!)

And even teachers, whom I hadn't met in a loong loong time. ..who considered me their pet and favorite I was the perfect combo of naughtiness and good grades...The kind a teacher always loves to lovingly rebuke...

I also visited 'Valley of Flowers' and few other places...

And I travelled in the fastest vehicle in the universe...human mind!!!


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