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Something Positive...

This space has become my agony aunt of sorts! I used to tell myself that I can be who I am in this space as very few people visit the blog and I enjoyed the anonymity which was otherwise denied to me in real life. Over a period of time, however, I started pouring out all my sorrows and frustrations here - the ones which I could never share with anyone in person! But, I love this space a lot and I don't want to look back years later and feel 'Oh, what a grumpy person, I was!'

So, here is a bunch of things that I am happy about - right now.

1. Self worth is determined by 'self': For a long time, I struggled to arrive at a definition of self worth - I associated it with success - success garnered without stomping on another's feet - doing the 'right' thing. This path was super difficult. Now, I have accepted that life is ! Yes, life is. Nothing more, nothing less.  Anu had shared a link on FB about a Children's Book - Zoom - and it reiterated more pow…

Fused Memories

..or should I say confused memories? These days, I often think of school/college days and there were clearly 3-4 people in my life whom my mind has fused together into a single virtual identity. They all were brother figures to me - none too close - but vaguely now I think of these 3-4 people as a single person.

There was a guy in 12th commerce class - I can't recollect his name - he was nice and caring, but we would have hardly spoken more than 4-5 times in 2 years and then promptly lost touch - he is not even in my FB list.

Then, in college there was a guy in my sister's class who was again a rustic boy, and who had sense beyond his age - he used to warn my sister about the friends she chose. Teenage pig headedness and an utopian world view prevented my sister from seeing sense in his words - but, I admired him for his ability to see through people's masks. Again, I would have spoken to him maybe once or twice. His name I remember and it is this name that I have given t…