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Updates !

Yes, almost 10% of the year is already over. I thought I was done with the miseries of 2016 when I went for the much dreamt of vacation in Cambodia. Well, it was not quite the case. 
The vacation was great although my younger one was literally quite a hand full. I am looking forward to the day she will eat by herself as these days most of my time revolves around trying to convince her to eat ! The history and mythology of the place was mind boggling.The food was amazing as well. Though I didn't shop much, clothes are dirt cheap there. So, all in all a great place to visit. 
The way nature eats into the most magnificent of human creations, showed to me how time is a great leveler. The almost surreal way in which a tree's roots destroy those temples taught me that trees are living things - like no science text book ever can. On a very unrelated note, I wonder why vegetarians often take the moral high ground of not hurting living things ! As far as my moral compass goes - killin…