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New Year , New Beginnings

Yes, I have been absent from this space for close to a year. I didn't write my customary 'year that was' and 'the year that will be' posts...I was being more active on whatsapp and whatsapp groups and this has resulted in me neglecting this space. But, there is a certain joy in writing, and so here I am back again. For the better part of this year, we have been house hunting (unsuccessfully) and so the status quo continues as of now. There was also a month long trip to New Zealand, details of which entail a whole new post. As I am nearing 40, I realize that  my priorities have changed. My 20 year old self would probably hardly know my current self. Though the bucket list keeps getting modified, there is still a bucket list and items do get ticked off from it periodically. On the professional front, two such dreams have now been ticked off !  1. To be able to work on my own terms and 2. To work abroad. Yes, its a beautiful journey - this journey of life !