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Before I Die...

Recently I have been reading in several places about the things you'd like to do before you die. I am a great fan of goal setting and planning and so I thought your 29th b'day is as good a time as any to put down my own list. Afterall, from next year onwards i'll no longer be "in my twenties"...and, in my mind that means your time literally has started running out...
There are things I've wanted and achieved, but I haven't included them in this list as this is just a roadmap for the future...
Things to do Before I Die
1. French
2. Japanese
3. Piano
4. Violin
5. Oil Painting
6. Swimming
7. Driving
8. Salsa
1. The Singapore Zoo with my son
2. Venice with hubby and ride the Gondola
3. Stay at Ritz, Paris
4. Leh
5. Switzerland
6. Australia
7. New Zealand
8. Canada
9 London
10. Indonesia
11 Andaman Islands
1. Take a cruise in a luxury ocean liner
2. Bake a chocolate cake
3. Bake chocolate chip cookies
4. Build my dream home
5. Take a year off
6. Make a bouquet from my own ga…

Letting Off Steam...

The other day a senior member in my family insulted me very badly…she belittled my education, my dad’s financial status, my lack of respect for her and my total disinterest in “the socially right thing to do”…Other elements under attack included the way I rear my baby (now, that one is a favorite among my nay-sayers these days ) Now, I had to make peace with her… My usual way of making peace in such a situation is to counter the arguments leveled against me, offer explanations of my behavior and have a verbal fist fight …at the end of which either party can admit defeat or can politely agree to disagree … in either case, the adrenaline rush of the verbal exchange acts as salve to my injured ego and I let go of it immediately and forget any harsh feelings that the initial insult would have caused…and the result is that the relationship is back to status quo. However this time around, hubby insisted that I don’t worsen the situation by giving verbal expression to my very valid and logic…

Life's Little Ironies

It's strange how life treats you sometimes ! There was a point in my life when all I wanted was some human company...anybody to atleast just talk to...And today I have so many people around me that all I look for is some "me-time"...
I was looking forward to the extended weekend - planning to watch a movie after ages, and also catch up on a lot of things - books, spring cleaning, time with hubby et al...However baby is sick and the house is in chaos...And I did the unthinkable...left everything behind and came to office...the silence is just charming...Talk about work-life balance :P