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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words !

I was getting irritated about not being able to upload pics on to my blog, but what better way to introduce her here than this picture, where she is held by the person who is most proud to have her in his life !

My Little Girl... no longer that little...She recently celebrated her first birthday! She has been a charmer right throughout and the difficulty in feeding her, disappears the moment she smiles at me. She is far more physically attached to me than my elder one, though when it comes to emotional attachment and unconditional love and support, her brother still wins hands down! I am re-discovering the world of fashion and style - thanks to her. I finally managed to get a gown stitched and wore it for her b'day - something I wanted for my wedding reception, finally got done after 7 long years ! And, on that note, here is to you lil' one - my first letter on life lessons.

1. Aim for the Stars and let not anyone tell you that reaching midway is good enuf. You have the power to aim for the stars and actually reach there !
2. Try to have both Style and Substance - the world expects that of you, and your mom was misguided in her childhood to believe that only substance matters. However, if you re…