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London Diaries - The Plan

When we planned our vacation, we were in 2 minds on whether to get a Schengen visa and do another European country or to spend the entire 15 days in UK and Ireland. Finally, we decided on the latter as we knew that travelling with 2 kids is gonna considerably slow us down. Then came the question of tickets - we chose Srilankan Airlines despite the longer flight duration as we had an overnite stop over on our way back and we love Columbo as a shopping destination.

As usual when we travel, we relied on a travel agency for our visas and tickets and did the rest of the planning by ourselves. We decided to split the trip roughly equally between London, Scotland and Western Ireland - 5 days each. Hubby and self had explored Scotland up to Inverness, so we decided to go higher up the Highlands this time. Western Ireland was chosen as there were many picturesque spots we wanted to see there - at least the pics from other travel bloggers and websites looked inviting ! We wanted to do a self-d…