Procrastination... one of the biggest vices of mankind, including me. Everyday, there are multiple things that I want to do, but keep aside while mumbling to myself "Not today". Not b'cos there is a lack of resources of any kind, including time,talent and money. But b'cos I want to put it plain and simple as that...Ample amount of analysis and self introspection failed to identify the root cause. In some cases, yes these were things I detested doing. But what about putting aside the following?
- Calling up my best friend whom I badly want to speak to (no it's not as if I've lost touch and am ashamed to get back in touch)
- Watching that movie which I've always wanted to
- Going to that one restaurant that's always caught my curiosity
What's that elusive answer? Or am I trying to complicate what normal people (including my dad) call "LAZINESS".

PS: Whatever is that answer that I'm in search of, is the reason for the gap between my last post and this one :P


Anonymous said…
You have procrastinated too long ..start blogging.. again
Tinkerbells said…
Thanks for that inspiration :) Was away on a vacation. Have started again !!!

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