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"It's My Life !"

I have heard this phrase a lot of times...have used it my idealistic and fairly self-centered youth, I used to believe it as well...but not anymore...'cos some thought and a fair bit of being on the receiving side of this statement has made me realize that it is the last weapon that one uses to get away with behaviour that's otherwise unacceptable...I have seen several youngsters marrying cross community (and the cosmopolitan mindset in me still feels there is nothing wrong with it)...however problem starts when they themselves aren't cosmopolitan enough...most cross community marriages do not result in a secular family...instead one party (mostly the girl) switches religion, much to the discomfort of her own family...but, suddenly family and well wishers become "too narrow minded"...the fact that it is narrow mindedness on the other side that caused this - "I willingly converted..." situation, is conveniently forgotten and labelled as "Th…

Life's Like That - 8

Hubby and lady on an amazing trip to North East India...Stay and food were arranged in Army messes at various points...Now, the thing about Army mess food is, it is a complete diet - as per nutrition charts...however the same cannot be said about the variety...Lunch invariably consists of dal,roti,sabzi and rice (hardly cooked)....And as soon as you land in anyone's house you are greeted with a glass of water...and some sandwiches...even the filling doesn't change across geographies...its always tomato sauce and green chatni...(reminiscent of tri-colour, I guess...) Anyway, hubby being the typical south indian "Give me idli, sambhar and fish curry , any day" kind of guy was getting a bit overwhelmed by this hospitality.
Hubby and lady were on their way from Guwahati to Gangtok and morning breakfast was packed (the ubiquitous green and red sandwich)..On reaching Gangtok, they were served with water and another set of sandwiches, this time with three layers - tomato sau…