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The Year That Was

Yes, it is that time of the year when I take stock! If there is one word that would describe the year gone by, it is ‘change’. I turned 30 (‘old’, by my own definition 15 years back), and became a lot wiser. Experience is of course, a great teacher! I changed jobs and I changed cities, both of them for the better (or so I hope!). I have put my kid in playschool and that required a huge change in my psyche.

During the year I tried to do some form of self improvement from time to time, but wasn’t hugely successful. I traveled internationally with my kid and that was something I always wanted to do.

There weren’t any major disappointments and thus here goes a genuine note of gratitude to the God within us and to friends, loved ones and strangers who have brought smiles to my face last year knowingly or unknowingly! Wish You All Joy and Peace !

Roles and Responsibilities

Even after putting my baby to play school things have not changed much at the home front…Probably will, in a few days time once everyone gets used to the new routine. Meanwhile, hubby is getting increasingly frustrated that I am dependent on my mom to look after my baby. He feels it is perfectly fine to leave the child with a maid and quotes numerous successful examples of this mode of child rearing. For every example that he gives, I have a counter example where things have gone awfully wrong ‘cos the child was entrusted with an uneducated stranger!
Now, hubby wants to leave for a course outside the state and his logic is that since it is my insistence on rearing the baby without a maid (we do have house help, but her responsibilities do not include babysitting) I should manage home and my mom myself.
His parents have time for a lot of socializing but would never help look after the baby even for one day. This leads to some important questions:
1. Do grandparents have any responsibility…


I wonder why is it hard to appreciate somebody but extremely easy to find faults! Is it one's insecurity that prevents one from appreciating something good about another person? In some cases, its quite the opposite as well…There could be an exaggerated sense of self, which makes one feel that he/she is the best in what they do and thus always measure others against this (oft) imaginary pedestal on which they have placed themselves. But a lack of positive stroke causes one to wither and die. When someone is too hard to please, then you stop trying…I have been thinking about appreciation (or rather the lack of it) in two very different aspects of my life – my personal life and my professional life..Well, I thought a lot about whether to even put these things down in this blog and whether it would be construed as a washing of dirty linen in public…However, my readership is so minimal that these things shouldn't exactly be worrying me JMy mom is a tough task master. No maid or dr…

First Day in School

Yep, after much deliberation I have put my son in playschool starting today. Only time will tell if my decision was the right one in terms of choice of school, timing etc. The school was good in a lot of respects and satisfied most of my criteria – a healthy student-teacher ratio, clean environment, and insistence on not wearing a diaper and so on. However, one major flip side is that his teacher's daughter is in the same class and the teacher is not mature enough to treat her as 'just another student'. Therefore, that child is perpetually on the teacher's lap and gets most of her attention…I wonder how the other kids will react to this.I had mixed emotions the previous night as I still feel that 2.3 is too young an age to be taken away from home. However, I am sick and tired of the constant bullying from both sets of parents (mine and hubby's – one by an act of commission and the other by an act of omission, but more on that later) and hence have decided that mayb…