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The Posts that Never Get Written

There are several posts that keep floating in my head, but never get written. A few others lie as drafts in my blogger page with just a couple of lines written...Here is a list of broken thoughts floating in my head currently.
The P Factor
I had been forced to introspect quite a bit recently due to the availability of a lot of time on my hands and I realised that  my life was sorely missing the P factor - Passion. I had stopped being passionate about anything and was just drifting past, feeling helpless and lost. Well, I have now decided to take life by its horns and make the best of what I can given my constraints on space (read location) and time. One long pending wish of having a TV in the bedroom has now become a reality. Now, I need to make sure that I watch atleast 2 movies a week with hubby !
Last year, one major regret was that I couldn't celebrate birthdays in style. Recently, I celebrated mom's 60th birthday and son's 5th birthday - both with birthday …