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Just some random thoughts and incidents to remind me of this period in my life 20 years hence...
1. Feeding: F-I-L: "Babies are lazy creatures, you have to wake them up and feed them. Else they'll sleep through their hunger."
M-I-L: "No baby will starve himself to death. He will wake up when he wants his feed."
Random self professed expert (RSPE): "Give him a bottle at night, so that you can sleep peacefully."
2. Maternity leave: F-I-L (who is an employer of several women): "As an employer giving maternity leave is a costly proposition."
M-I-L: "Why don't you consider extending your leave for some more time?"
RSPE: "Kids will grow by themselves. Send him to a creche."
By the way, like all new moms, I was cursing myself for not ever considering a govt. job as an option during my career search, when I heard about the new maternity and childcare benefits announced for Central Govt. employees... A healthy discussion can be foun…


"To what extent should I sacrifice my self-respect and my ideals to ensure my baby's comfort?" - that's the nagging question in my mind these days. If I stand my ground and in the process subject him to some uncomfortable situations, will that be "my selfishness and ego coming in the way of my child's upbringing" ? Or will it be a lesson in "strength at the time of adversity" for my son?
Opinions welcome !