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London, Scotland and Ireland

I have been planning to write in detail about our trip, but one thing led to another and I never got around it till now. The details are quite hazy now, but I am going to put down a few pointers to jog my memory about this beautiful trip in future !

1. For the first time, we searched for 'Indian food' wherever we went. My younger one wanted rice and while we were on the road, we relied on Indian restaurants. The days we were staying in apartments, I cooked rice and packed it for the trip ahead. The quality of both rice as well as curds in UK were better than in India. They were cheap too !

2. Potato chips was our staple snack.

3. Desserts from supermarkets were lovely too and we enjoyed the sheer variety on offer !

4. Western Ireland is beautiful. Extremely so ! Living in God's Own Country means that natural beauty has to be really really great for me to feel 'wow'. And Ireland did make me go 'wow' many times over.

5. Scottish Highlands are out of the worl…