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G for Goals

Yea, the official 'The Year That Was' post is here...
I had set myself quite some goals at the beginning of the year. Most didn't happen - I didn't write a book, didn't join piano lessons and I am yet to fully master driving my car. But, I am glad I went through 2015. It was a very tough year for me personally and professionally, but sometimes adversity opens up opportunities of a lifetime !
The year has given me the courage to take the plunge and try out a few things which I always wanted to and so 2016 is gonna be one of the best years of my life ! The year has also given me amazing clarity on what I want from the next 5 years - the last time I had this kind of clarity was about 5 years back and that journey has given me what I had set my eyes on at that point in time.
I guess I am used to planning my life in 5 year chunks. In my 8th std, I was clear that I wanted to crack the Engg. entrance in 12th. In my 3rd year of college, I was clear on wanting an MBA and …

F for...

"Let's play a game" "Ok" "You should tell me the first word that comes to mind without thinking" "Fine" "A for" "Apple" "B for" "Ball" "C for" "Cat" ... "F for" "Fish" "You are fibbing. That is not the first word that came to your mind" Surprised and flummoxed "Of course. Why do you think that is not the first word that came to my mind ?"
"Because that is not the first word that comes to anyone's mind"
Now further confused"Then is it First?"
"Don't act innocent"
"Innocent? Eh, what has this got to do with innocence"
Now the other party is confused ..."Don't tell me you don't know"
"Know what?"
"The F word"
"The F word? What is that?"
Much as he wanted to flirt with me all those years ago, and wanted to see my blushing face; the gentleman that he was ensured …

E for Everything

I initially thought of writing about eggs or elephants - both of which I love ! But then, wanted to make this post more generic. 
People have been sick at home and I have been on leave for more than a week now - the only thing that's preserving my sanity is living in the moment. I am not thinking about the past or the future and although at the back of my mind I know I am shooting myself in the foot, I can't do much about it. I console myself saying that, this wound too shall heal with time.
It's my sister's birthday today. 
Rest of everything later !

D for Dream

Dreams...well, its soo close to my heart that I am feeling tongue tied !

Like most kids, my earliest dream was to be a pilot. Something which today I know will always remain a dream !

Then came soo many dreams - some came true, some didn't and in some cases the reality was far better than I could even dream of !

Anu has written about partners supporting and sharing dreams...I have nothing more to add ! Except that when one is soo used to getting 100%, giving up 50% seems like a huge loss and even though it will sound fair when spoken about in general, in reality not many men would do it for their spouses - not even the ones who would nod their head in approval when they see the TVC.

Having common dreams is soo much fun...What better enjoyment can life give than having a partner who dreams the same dreams ! Well not all dreams, but a few.

Sometimes having secret dreams and striving for them without anyone's knowledge is also fun - the thrill is similar to reading an Enid Blyt…