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Diving for Pearls... far easier if you have supplemental oxygen. If you have to dive for them without oxygen, every time you don't reach the needed depth, you have to resurface for oxygen and all your efforts are in vain...Every dive tires you out and there is only a limited number that you can do in a day...However, its only with several failed experiences that you learn to hold your breath long enough to find that perfect pearl !
Still, the added oxygen would have been would have at least made the memories more pleasant !
P.S. It is said that the ugliest of oysters have the most beautiful pearls inside...

Of Stories Untold...

We all have them, don't we? I used to write stories as a child, when my imagination had wings - just like my dreams. I guess the biggest disappointment that experience brings is knowledge - knowledge that forces you to cut your dreams to size! Yea, that's ironic, I know.
Shouldn't experience actually give you the power to dream bigger and better? But, unfortunately that never happens ....Most people slowly turn their colourful dreams into monochromatic goals as time goes by...Add limited resources of money and time into the mix and you have a lousy cocktail - recipe for a hangover headache !
As a child, you are never worried about whether your dreams can turn into reality...You live in that heady cloud where dreams seamlessly blend into reality and vice versa..I vaguely remember reading in my Malayalam text book ages back about how Vivekananda used to fall asleep as a child - apparently, only enlightened souls such as him and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa fall asleep like that…

Red Love

Loved you once and held you close,
Like a child enamoured by a fragrant rose !
As I bled from your thorns,
I vainly believed -
You are reflected in my soul !
Your cursed arrows no longer bruise -
They are droplets off my oiled fins;
As I dive off to the nadir of sorrow ,
From where the zenith of joy begins…

Of Idols and Feet of Clay...

This post was lying in my drafts since 2012. I saw it and didn't want it to remain in drafts anymore...

She writes about her idols...and the mention of "Men have taken over my list entirely." cracks me up and I laugh out loud in my otherwise sober surroundings...though I doubt that was the intent ...

I wondered for a moment what being an idol means...Does it mean you want to emulate them at some level? Or that you would love to live their lives, given a chance...If there is one quality in a person that you admire a lot and several others that you despise, then would that person be still an idol? As usual, a lot of questions, and no easy answers...

As you grow older your vision starts improving...and you see the feet of clay that most of your idols have...Starts with your parents, realise how human they are, and that is one of the key steps in becoming an adult - the quiet acceptance of your parents as who they are, rather than who you think they are...


R for Random

Often life is strange and meanders through paths hitherto unknown to you - and then you get surprised - by the way you act and the way others react ...On that note, here is a list of random thoughts for you dear reader to chew on:

1. Sometimes there is no logical explanation ...and sometimes there are more than one. 2. Often you think you have simplified and you end up complicating it further. 3. Sometimes an act of kindness is perceived as anything but... 4. You try to bring happiness to someone's heart and you end up having quite the opposite effect.. 5. Sometimes you think you have the freedom only to painfully realize that you exceeded your brief. 6. One day you feel like a princess and then you realize the clock has struck 12. 7. The human brain is a complicated organ, the human heart is even more so.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a child, when mistakes are more readily forgiven, people are easier to please (good behaviour and good acads is all that you need) and…

Q for Quest

A birthday is as good a time as any to do some serious introspection and figure out what is your life's quest.

But, I am not going to do that. April-May are usually extremely happy months for me and though the heat this time around is oppressing, my natural cheer that comes with the season is very much on !

I am doing things I love and I am happy to be alive !

Yes, there are day to day challenges, but what is life without a few mountains to climb?

So, yes, the quest for oceans to swim,
for clouds to float on,
for rainbows to watch
for magic to unfold ... continues...
The quest for ...
The healing touch
The warm embrace
The passionate lips
The eyes that speak a thousand stories...
..all are satiated !

P.S: This one is for my sweetheart...whom I hardly ever thank...

P for Passion

...and the title says it all doesn't it?
If not, here is a quote:
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
Here's to the unreasonable dreamers out there !