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Baby Update

I am in this absolute mommy mood and I feel like writing about my baby…It's been ages since I wrote anything about him in this space and I feel this will be the only space that would hold my precious memories when I get too old to remember…And I am currently surrounded by people who make me feel child rearing is a really tough job, so I want to think some pleasant reasons why I still do it the way I do it…1. He has his own peculiar hip shaking dance. And often he expects me to join in. I have never danced with such gay abandon with anyone else…The way his face glows when I join in, is enough to cheer me up instantly.2. He would rush to rub your hand , if you say that your hand hurts…He expects the same pampering back when he falls too…3. He loves to be carried around on my back.4. He has a very focused mind and it is difficult to distract him from something he likes/wants. When I am not in such a loving mood, I feel that he is stubborn, though I have nowhere to look except the mir…

Happy Birthday

Not physically near you,No midnight phone calls,No surprise gifts…There are shared worries about running a house,Keeping a job,Managing emotions and egos…Still, there is warmth, hope, love and magic…Because you are thereWith that goofy smile,With your quirky sense of humor,With your caring ways … Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! P.S. Hubby has enrolled himself for a marathon study program comprising of 12 hour non-stop sessions for a week at the ripe old age of 30. I really admire his perseverance and academic orientation :P

Double Standards

When I wish for you to help me look after my baby you claim that in your social circle it is always maids who look after babies....Then why is it that in your social circle, hired models don't attend social functions like weddings on your behalf?