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When I Die...

I shall meet you on the beaches, mate,
Where the passionate waves of love
Thrash relentlessly against sand grains of hate.
Where time and space hold no meaning
We shall reach out to each other....

We've met many eclipses before,
On this very shore !!!

But we shall venture beyond...
Not stop and turn back like before,
Burnt by the scorching heat of hatred.

We shall move forward hand in hand
And let the water douse the fire

Like kids, in miracles we shall believe,
And walk over the oceans
In search of rainbows and magic potions!

Will You See Me Tonite?

...Or tomorrow morning, or the next day evening or whenever you try , will you be able to see me?Not if you are in India...'cos the Indian government has ordered internet service providers to block access to all blogspot sites and few other blogs too....As someone who has not even had parental curfews in childhood, I just abhor this....Why should someone else dictate what you or I do?Especially when it is as harmless as expressing my opinion...I am not curbing anyone's freedom by doing why is the government curbing mine?I do not know.... Initially, as most other bloggers, even I thought probably my office network administrator just got stricter, then I tried from home..and no luck...asked friends...still no luck...but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it was the government's handiwork....until I heard it in the news!!! But the sad part is it's been quite some days now, and still despite a lot of hue and cry within the blog world and some in mainstream medi…

"Gals, Oceans and Alcohol...

...that's GOA for you". Well, it had always been one of my dream destinations...kept enticing me since college days...but ultimately when I managed to finally go there last week, she disappointed me...rather I disappointed myself. Had gone on an official getaway...which means you are put up in a 5 star beach resort but your freedom is totally curbed. What you eat (special menu designed for your cost-conscious firm), what you listen to (boring corporate gyaan), what you play (team building games, supposedly) and even what you wear (the omni-present corporate T-shirt) is dictated by someone else...Others enjoyed, as the booze was on the house...and the opportunities for team-building exercises (?) were aplenty on the dance floor(as these increase in direct proportion to the alcohol content in your blood)....I realised the corporate dance floor is hardly any different from a college dance floor...the drunken dramas are all the same... I was thoroughly bored...the only consolation …

Reversal of Roles

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside my workplace. Evening. Autostand with about 10 autos. Auto drivers huddled together in one corner, either gossiping or smoking. Standing near them is a scattered group of haggard people (mostly women), with one shoulder tilted to a side (thanks to 'neighbour's envy, owner's misery' - a first generation laptop). Enter one more addition to the group above (description - same as above). Auto drivers are oblivious to the new entrant's presence. She approaches them with hope writ across her face and asks ever so politely... "xyzpura??" Leader of Auto drivers : Where in xyzpura ? Heroine : Near Anand Fish Stall Auto driver shrugs his shoulder which thanks to prior similar experiences is correctly interpreted as "no, we are not interested in taking you there". But heroine persists " It's in the main road". Auto Driver: "We won't get a return (passenger) from there". Heroine pleads: "I'll give you ten ru…