The River

The sun and the snow - both make me
One without the other and I am no longer me
Clouds and rainbows and thunderous rains -
All part of me, but not me !

My gregarious self is all you know
But I am much beyond

You dig out my soul
You dam my flow
You poison me and yet you pray -
For forgiveness from your sins !

I am no Goddess - the throne hurts.
Just let me be !

When at last I reach my lover's arms
Even I am tired and I slow down.

Dumping my debris on the sides
I crawl ever so slowly into him,
As pure as I was born
In the lap of my mountain father !


Anonymous said…
I liked it. Somehow I always associated mountains with female. Not sure why:)

Keep writing..

-Meena chechi
Tinkerbells said…
:) Meena chechi, the puranas refer to all mountains as males and rivers as females...and its ironic that Parvathy is the daughter of Himavan, while the Ganges is the one which actually originates there...and if one is Shiva's wife and the other paramour, then whose side is the father on?

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