B for Brain

The human brain has never ceased to amaze me. I often spend a lot of time thinking about how powerful it is, and also how vulnerable. I have had health scares around my brain and I have seen people suffer memory loss - one of the worst ways to die.

I love to do work that involves thinking and coming up with new ideas. That is the primary reason I enjoy my current job !

The brain helps you in time travel - till such time science makes physical time travel a reality. One may call it day dreaming. But, living in the present is not always a feasible idea. If the present is hopeless, then one needs to escape to the past to garner confidence and imagine the future to garner the strength to push through the mundane today. The present is not always a 'present'.

I am also super proud of my brain and I always wanted to take the Mensa test. Much has been said about why it may not accurately measure brain power, but it was in my bucket list for the past 20 years. I finally managed to give it a few months back. Well, I didn't make it to the Mensa list - you need a score of 98 percentile for it. I was in the 95 percentile. Usually they allow you to take the Mensa only once in a lifetime, but since I was borderline, they have given me an offer of attempting it again next year. I am not too sure I will take up the offer - Mensa or no Mensa , I can feel my brain degenerating and I don't think I can crack it given another chance.

I was a bit sad with the result. Hubby of course teased me saying "You are officially more intelligent than 95% of population. So what if I belong to the remaining 5%..."

The world expects me to be thankful to a guy who travelled all the way to Chennai with me to 'allow' me to give the test. What about the past 20 years ? Or the many times I registered, but couldn't attempt it?

Well, some dreams are personal and are best left that way !  And that is why the brain is the most powerful organ - and as a friend says "the most dangerous". 'Cos only you will know what goes inside it!


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