Passion, Movies and Some More...

The last weekend my folks went off to our native place - to meet relatives, attend a marriage et. al. The initial plan was for my elder one to tag along, but finally they ended up going by themselves. After much persuasion (gentle and not so gentle) from my side and deliberation from his side, hubby took the day off on Saturday and we somehow scraped through the weekend. We ended up watching 3 movies - Burnt, Amar Akbar Anthony and Madhura Naranga.

Movies have been a craze for hubby and self - in a town where there is hardly anything else one can do by way of entertainment! However, after seeing Burnt, I felt a deep and sad longing - I was once as passionate as the hero of the movie and I missed being able to pursue anything passionately anymore.

I wanted to preserve that thought and make something out of it in my own life and decided that I didn't want to watch any more late nite movies. Well, my will power and resolve are short lived in front of hubby's puppy face. When he asked the next day about another movie, I said no...but, I didn't have an answer to his next question, "What do we do for entertainment then?" , so I reluctantly ended up saying yes yet again. The movie was good, but I missed the hero of Burnt !

The third day I again ended up in front of a movie and surprisingly hubby slept off and I continued with the much for will power and resolve.

I end up saying yes far often than I would prefer - I don't know how I can change that part of me !

Happens every time - I don't want to eat non-veg some days, but it ends up on the table and I am soo weak hearted that I end up gorging on it !

There is a family get together planned in the next couple of days and I am terrified...Somehow, I always end up doing the wrong things on such occasions and after suffering through the torture of small talk with a huge crowd of people, I have to then suffer through the anger of my hubby who always ends up disappointed with the way I behaved ! I don't think even the toughest of exams in school had me sweating so profusely at the very thought of its occurrence !

Ok, you dear reader might be wondering what is the point in all this rambling...Well, there is none...these are the thoughts in my mind on a Monday morning...and I hope someday I can be as passionate as I once was...There is beauty in passion - a wild raw beauty - which only the passionate can know...

After all, a quiet pond will never know what it is to be a river - relentlessly breaking your head against the rocks and rushing ahead to meet the sea !

What are you passionate about?


:) Stay your beautiful self and divert yourself thinking of the food! All the best with the get-together.
Tinkerbells said…
@Anu..Hmm will update post the event !
Anonymous said…
All the best! If it is a one on K's side of the family, I know how those can be:( I remember my sister talking about something coming up this weekend.
Tinkerbells said…
@Meena chechi..yep that's the one ...I am seriously considering spicing it up with a speech ;) Or maybe I will distribute copies of the book 'Quiet' around and then request everyone that I be excused from such irrational and fake comraderies once and for all !

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