A to Z : And we Start with Apple

I want to see if I can do this - the A to Z blogging challenge where I write 26 posts one each on topics  starting with the letters in the English alphabet. We start with A for Apple.

Apple and me go a long way back...My first memories of an apple are my mom forcing me to have them and me hating them...I am not a fruit person and the only 2 fruits I like are mangoes and bananas. Citrus fruits are a complete no-no and apple was a tasteless fruit as far as my experience was. I hated the skin of the apple the most and finally I reached a compromise with my mom that I will eat it if she skinned it for me. Today, when I look back, I feel the love behind the action, but those days - well, lets jus say I was one rebellious child. (no, not proud of it)

As I grew up and had more freedom to choose, I used to always refrain from having apples - I even used to ask for fruit salads in restaurants with 'no apples and pineapples please'...This led to a lot of ribbing from friends who used to sing 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' ...

Along the way, I discovered apple milk shakes and developed a liking for them. No, not eagerly in love with them, but my fondness for milk helped me like it...

Then my kids were born and we started giving stewed apples for them. We usually buy imported varieties (I've forgotten the last time I even saw a country apple) and regardless of what anyone might say about pesticides, buying local etc, these did taste a world better than the apples I was exposed to in childhood. The latter had a weird texture and used to stick to the mouth. These new gen apples were crisper. And once skinned and stewed, they had amazing taste...

Today, I love to eat whatever is left over after feeding apple to my kids. Surprisingly, my younger one loves fruits while the elder one takes after me - he doesn't like apples !

Its amazing how life experiences influence our tastes and preferences - heaven can turn to hell, one small thing at a time !


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