C for Car

Well, the last post was started on a happy note, but I ended up feeling lousy after writing it. So, here is a happy one. At the beginning of the year, I had promised myself that I will learn to drive, and start driving. Actually the 'learn to drive' was completed  when I was 18. I enrolled in a driving school and got my license. But, I never actually drove a car for various reasons. This time around, I am learning in my own car. The absence of a second set of controls (as is common in modified vehicles used by driving schools) means that I am able to get more confident about my own abilities. I am still quite some distance away from driving daily. But this time around, I will reach there for sure...Or at least die trying ! (:P)

I thought that once I start driving, I may find music a distraction. But, I realised that I actually enjoy the music.

I have grown more fond of the car too...I haven't bought a new car (I toyed with the idea of a gearless vehicle for some time and then dropped the idea)...Someday, I hope to drive my own Audi...Till then, it is hubby's car that I shall drive !


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