And Before I Know It... is February already. It seems like yesterday that I made my New Year resolutions. As usual, I haven't made much progress, but yes, I have been taking baby steps...My health is better, as a lot of lingering problems have finally found respite - thanks to a great diagnosis by an ophthalmologist - my migraine, stiff shoulders, constant sneezing, red eyes - all have disappeared after i started taking allergy medication ! The liberation from constant pain is nothing short of magical.

I manage to get up earlier than usual, though between the choice of physical exertion and intellectual exertion, I prefer the latter. Most mornings are thus spend curled up in a sofa, reading the newspaper from end to end, while the exercise bike nodes sagely from the corner. I managed to learn 'Suryanamaskar' from the hubby...but putting it to practise is something else altogether !

There is one target that I have set for myself from today for the next 30 days, as part of my 'growth and happiness' initiative. - talk positive. This is a challenge as I am generally quite proficient in fault finding :(. Let's see if I manage to be nice to the world around.  


Anuradha said…
Must ask you more about this medication.

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