Life's Like That

Every weekend, I have a tough time convincing my child about how he should cut his nails and how it would not hurt...It is finally achieved after one hour of cajoling, negotiation, tears and threats from both sides ! Today at school the teacher calls me aside and recounts this incident:

"I was telling the class about how they should cut nails regularly, and Siddhu suddenly stood up and announced: 'My mom does not have time for cutting nails. She is always busy reading books.' "

I gave a silly smile to the teacher and thought "Oops, thank God he didn't mention my other weekend activities !!!"


Anuradha said…
Hehe :-) This is such an awesome comment by Siddhu!
Tinkerbells said…
Anu, the teacher feels he is stubborn and does not 'fear' his mom...I am at a loss as to why my child should fear me and the teacher is at a loss to what threat should be used to bribe him to write...she tried the standard "I will tell your mom" and he happily replied "ok"

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