Monday Mornings

1. You may look forward to them, in anticipation of a great week ahead, or wake up grudgingly thinking about all the things that can go wrong...Invariably, the week will have a mix of both - happiness and disappointments...

2. When you have this deep urge to write, but just cannot put down your thoughts into a cohesive post, then it may not always be a case of writer's block. It could be any of these as well: "What would the reader think?", "Is it in violation of my company's social media policy?" or "Is this thought worth capturing for posterity?"

3. The longer you stand at the edge of the cliff, wondering whether your parachute will in fact open up, the higher are your chances of dying from a heart attack.

4. Some use a branded product to belong to a group, others use it to show that they have arrived, yet others use it to show their allegience to a certain way of life...but the most amazing brands are the ones which are chosen because the products they represent are good. (Marketers would thoroughly disagree with this one, but I believe in this firmly)

5. Reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and thoroughly enjoying it ! Shows that human beings are complex creatures !!!


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