Letter to My Son

As my son starts formal schooling on Wednesday, I am feeling the same excitement as I did several years back when I went to school first. So, here is something I wrote for his school magazine and which I hope I can inculcate in him as the days turn into years...

My Dearest Son,

You have just started to peek into the amazing world of knowledge – learning to recognize letters and trying hard to recreate them yourselves. Like every parent, I too have dreams about you – after all, if there is just one thing I can do perfectly, I would choose that I become a perfect parent. However, human beings are not designed to be perfect, and that is the first lesson that I would want you to learn. While we are on the topic of life lessons, my dear, here are some more for you:

• No one is perfect, but the best journey in life is the journey towards perfection.

• Life is a great teacher – learn from every experience.

• No age is too young to learn, no age is too old to learn either.

• There is always enough for everyone, let the others in the group choose first.

• When you run a race in life, aim to win.

• While you aim to win, win honorably - winning with friends is far more fun than winning alone.

• Learn music, learn cooking, learn swimming – above all learn to love selflessly.

• Respect knowledge, respect age, respect experience; but more than anything - respect your own judgment.

• Cynics may tell you that life is not fair, but remember that you can make it a fair world.

And finally, the most important of them all - Friends and lovers may come and go, but I will always love you – no matter what!


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