The Transition

Almost all the self help gyaan as well as psychologists say that you should never rely on external sources for happiness...I have often wondered how practical would that be, especially when these very same people ask you to have deep, meaningful relationships for a healthy and happy life...These seem quite contradictory to each other...When you are attached to someone in a deep, meaningful way, it is natural to wish that they are successful, and although often you can do a lot to help them be successful, it is finally upto them whether they succeed or not...

These days I am undergoing a lot of stress, because hubby is having an exam and I really want him to succeed...However, beyond a point there is a sense of helplessness - I cannot script his success and at times, I can't let him study without a bother, because, I am human and I need my break from housework as well...

It is strange how much our happiness depends on other people's lives and actions! And I think, it is when you truly realise how stupid that is, that you decide to break lose from the ties that bind you and become an ascetic...And that's why probably Sankaracharya once said that you need to experience grihasthyashramam before moving to vanaprastham!


Alex said…
Thanks a lot for your comment. Good to be back. :)

All the best of both your endeavours!


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