Small Things

Often, its the small things in life that determine the day to day happiness quotient of a person...I mean, how long can you feel thrilled about the new car that you bought or the great vacation that you've had...I've seen most people I know get affected by small things to a much higher degree than the big things...And this observation is true across social strata, gender and any other divisive parameter that you may choose...
Today, I got upset about an email which never came...I don't know why exactly I paid that much importance to it..but I realised that while it is easy for others to say "don't sweat the small stuff", it is often these that actually make you sweat...And I started thinking of why .... Often, the small things are those that we do not really plan for and as a result there is rarely a plan B, we think that it is most likely to succeed and that if it doesn't then "It's no big deal"...atleast, that's what the rational brain thinks...But when these small things do not work out, it would sometimes end up being the proverbial last straw in the camel's back!


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