Mid Year ...

It's slightly more than mid year now…and a good time to look back on the year! It is also that time of the year when my annual appraisals happen and I typically do a lot of introspection around that time! And I have come up with a list of skills that I want to master before the end of this year, for whatever that's worth!

So here goes…

1.       How to solve a Rubik's cube – I tried learning this last month and have managed to do one face pretty fast, but after that it has become a challenge…

2.       Learn Vedic Mathematics – This is something that I should have done while I was preparing for CAT and which would have changed my entire destiny, but it is never too late and so this year I hope to master this!

3.       How to solve the Hindu crossword – Again, this was something where I took a lot of avid interest at one point in time, but it can come only through voracious reading plus practice, and somewhere I stopped trying...however I am going to restart and try this for every day starting today….

Let's see where I reach in 4 months!


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