Like a child who loves a new toy, I got hooked to FB, once I got the hang of it...But just like the child returning to its mother after play time, I have come back to this blog…I miss writing long posts… you can't express all thoughts in less than 55 words (or whatever the limit is!)…

Someone telling me that she misses my blog was all the shot in the arm that I needed to return here! No philosophical insights this time around, but rather few things about me that I myself was surprised to discover!

1.       I hate small talk – even if it is from my son. I like people who can articulate themselves well, even if they are lying!

2.       I am a loner. I can never get attached to anything or anyone beyond a point…

3.       I am uncomfortable in crowds…And three is crowd! I can hold a meaningful conversation with only one person at a time, unless I am giving a speech. This combined with point 1, makes me hate parties where I can't talk at length to any one person, and I am expected to talk to everyone.

4.       I love to plan…I am one of those people who can spend endless hours planning (or day dreaming) about the distant future. I work out various permutations and combinations and feel happy to then put these plans to execution. So far, this planning has played a crucial role in whatever success I have achieved in life till date. The only decision in my life that I regret is the one which I made without planning. (moving cities, lest you let your imagination run wild !)

5.       I love nature. I can sit for hours watching the sea or the rains.

6.       I believe everyone has the power of sixth sense, but very few of us use it. In my case, it sometimes scares me that I know something is about to happen.

7.       I want to explore past life regression someday, just for fun!

8.       I love to immerse myself in experiences. If I am listening to a favorite song or watching a movie or reading a book, I do not like to be disturbed…Not even for a second…I'd much rather forego the experience than have it in parts!

9.       I do not like people who think of themselves as workaholics – every single one of them I have met has been an extremely inefficient ego-bloated fool!  Afterall, you can't be passionate about just one aspect of your life – you are either passionate or you are not!

That's it – what aspect of yourselves were you surprised to discover?


Anonymous said…
Glad to see you back and really liked the self analysis post! In point no. 9, if you're referring to the ones who pretend to be busy bodies I do totally agree, but I don't think that passion is 'all or none'. "Perpetual devotion to what a man calls his business, is only to be sustained by perpetual neglect of many other things"(R L.Stevenson)...This, I have found to be true in case of many successful people.

-Meena chechi

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