Life's Like That - 5

Every time hubby gets his friends home, they speak a different language...Lady gets left out of the conversation and feels left out of hubby's life...lady feels hubby is oblivious of this problem and decides to bring it to his notice....

Lady to hubby: "Why do you always have to resort to that language when you are with friends?"

Hubby (innocent and wide eyed as usual): "What language?"

Lady: " Your medical jargons...I am unable to follow the conversation when you talk about....Well, I can't even recollect all those terms you use"

Hubby: "So, what's wrong in that? Anything you don't understand, you just have to ask..."

Lady (frustrated with pouting lips) : "Yea, but the conversation is fully peppered with jargons. I have no clue of the context even...And anyway, I feel that is inconsiderate and shows a total lack of caring for my emotions...blah blah..."

Hubby (bulb shining over his forehead): "Oh ok ok...I got it.... you mean to say, every time we talk like that you suffer from a hypoglycemia of love !!!"


manuscrypts said…
conversations in need of doctoring ;)
Tinkerbells said…
@manu: yea, rather doctored conversations in need to googling :P

@alex: :)

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