Singapore - Unique???

Had been there for Xmas...just for four days...but a well-deserved break...after all, I had successfully taken on additional roles and responsibilities in the year gone by - became wife, daughter-in-law and most difficult of all, 'relative' to a host of strangers....(OK, let me at least pat my own back here, since no one else seems to be doing it for me anyway)
Mmm, I enjoyed the break - since time was short, I had to make do with the usual tourist hot-spots - sentosa, Singapore zoo and Jurong bird park. Highlights of the trip were:

1. A visit to a 'theme club' - The theme was bollywood, the place was teaming with Indians, and since our childhood friend took us there, it seemed like I was in India itself. But still enjoyed the sheer freedom of being able to hug your hubby in front of other people....Needless to say, hubby dear just about tolerated the 'overt expression of affection' and my friend thought I was positively drunk !!!! Well, I was drunk, not on alcohol, but on joy

2. Sentosa - Spent an entire day there. The musical fountain show did transport me to another world - a world of magic....I wished I were a kid.

3. Jurong Bird Park - Didn't have time to see it in detail, but I volunteered for a 'Birds of Prey' show and had an eagle sitting on my hand and the whole crowd clapping away. Later, a total stranger walked up to us and complemented me that I was a good volunteer - that made my day ....realised I love being in the limelight :P

4. Night Safari in the zoo - That's where we spent Christmas Eve - and it was lovely and romantic....

The visit was made extra special by three people - our childhood friend, who was genuinely happy on seeing us, and gave us his room with clear instructions on how to enjoy the nite without toppling the adjoining cup-board :P, his gorgeous friend who despite never having even exchanged a 'hello' to us before, easily became friends and gave us the pleasure of her company throughout the visit - she made us feel "welcome to Singapore" and finally my dear 'travel bug' hubby who planned the entire trip at such short notice and then topped it off by an amazing Xmas gift - a surprise teddy bear.

The city was well-organised, it was hard to believe that the day before our visit, the place was flooded. There was not even a single leaf that was astray...and rows and rows of neatly arranged a civil engineer's drawing sheet (yea, the place reminded me of my perfectionist sister :P)

However, does all this qualify for the title 'unique'??? I doubt !!!


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