Path of Least Resistance

There is something interesting with most people...they perform the best when there are no stakes at it a game show on television or a high pressure consulting job like mine....when you are no longer a part of the race, you somehow elevate soon as you land a job which pays you a few thousands more... you feel you are better than the rest and are capable of giving advice...

One such elevated soul in my firm decided to give me some sagely advice one day....and he said "Why are you breaking your head and making life difficult for you and others by clinging on to principles and values? In life, you should always follow the path of least resistance...that's the key to success and progress"...He went on to add how he has progressed by following these principles....I am still too young to put myself as an example to counter his arguments and present my case....

But I really really hope that ten years down the lane, I am able to call him up and tell him that "the path of least resistance need not always be the most rewarding what if my journey was more difficult and lonely...I have still travelled along a far more scenic route...have been the reason behind a thousand smiles....slept a more peaceful sleep...."

"I am respected, recognised and loved by the world far more because I didn't follow your hollow advice for selfish progress and individual success...because I didn't just let the current carry me...I swam against the current...and changed the very direction of it !!!!"


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