My Best Friend's Wedding

I was away on vacation to attend my best friend's wedding. That was the reason for this reasonably long silence. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. Have known him for almost ten years now...It was great to see him sit on the mandap waiting patiently for the bride to arrive. (I couldn't help smiling to myself, as he finds it extremely difficult to sit cross legged but not only was he doing it then, he was doing it with a smile!). Our common close friends from school days were were teachers...was amazing to meet up with all of them...
All his relatives were present at his place almost a week before his though I reached my home quite a few days earlier, I couldn't really talk to him until the day of the he was busy hosting parties at his place for family and friends. And they were all pitching in to make it a memorable event for him - one relative helped him shop for his clothes, another family friend was in charge of the kitchen and cousins had arrived from all parts of the world - Australia, Dubai and so on... And gifted him lots of useful and sometimes not so useful stuff !!
So wondering what my contribution was?Well, I gifted myself to him...Afterall, I was the bride :)


b v n said…
that was a very good one !
O henry must be smilin on yu frm above,seeing this blog for the first time,great!

and congrats on the nuptial
Bombay Dosti said…
Hey Hey... There are some blogs, that make you really happy.
This was one of them.
Could feel your happiness...
Congratulations pretty lady..

Wish you both a Great Life Ahead!!!
Tinkerbells said…
@bvn: thnks for appreciating my blog. O.Henry is one of my fav felt great...
@bombaydosti: thnks my dear friend for sharing my happiness. Will let u know the link for the snaps once I put them up.
Leo said…
Congrats to both of you. Heard it was quite the event.

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